? Organic, eclectic cuisine by Open to the World, Breckenridge Colorado

Organic World Cuisine

A floating market of fresh organic vegetablesThank you for visiting my site, Open to the World. As the title should suggest, you have come to a different kind of culinary experience. With 20 years of culinary knowledge, and more than 12 years of intensive and independent international travel experiencing different, exotic cultures and cuisines, I am a well rounded chef with a unique personal style. A fun attitude and personality linked together with a lively sense of humor keep the kitchen a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.

Spoons and dried berriesI choose to look at food with a holistic lifestyle philosophy. Good nutrition balanced with exercise for the body and mind all contributes to how we feel each day. If we take the time to, at least, integrate a nutritional, holistic and simple base viewpoint to food, it is amazing the difference it can make. Slowly, we can practically incorporate these concepts into our daily lives.

Open to the World offers organic, sustainable, eclectic, fine dining cuisine with a wide range of possibilities. They extend anywhere from your favorite traditional recipes to a mix of innovative methodology and creative world flavors. A wonderful part of cooking is that you never stop learning so the possibilities are infinite. All ingredients are hand selected and recipes are from scratch. This draws focus away from prepared products consequently increasing quality of the dining experience as well as the nourishment.

Fresh vegetablesPrivate, personal, freelance, travel chef means that all requests are easily met. The dining experiences are customized to fit your needs, budgets and preferences. A common misconception is that you need to be wealthy to hire a chef, on the contrary, if you can afford to dine out at a restaurant you can afford Open To The World.

Would you like a private dinner for two? Or perhaps an amazing dinner party that you and your friends or family will always remember. Maybe you would just like to come home to hand prepared healthy, delicious food ready in the refrigerator with easy to finish instructions. I love to teach my passion for food as a result classes are gladly taught to groups and one to one. I am fully mobile and available to travel domestically as well as internationally. Add kitchen consultant and contract chef (subject to specific criteria) to traverse the culinary spectrum.